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    When it comes to the latest and greatest of IT development, we stay on top of it. When a new technology comes out, we like to know how to use it best for our developers so that they can better serve you as a company. As technologies come out, find more information within.

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    Got serious Java and .NET projects? We’ve got serious Java development resources to staff those projects. Learn how we can help you meet your organization’s critical short and long term business technology initiatives. We are Java staffing experts.

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    Serious software development projects require serious project management and Business Analysts. We are experts in staffing critical short and long term SDLC projects with project management professionals, technical team leads and Business Analysts. SDLC Staffing made easy with ITStaff.

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    When you are staffing for your next SDLC development project, it’s important to get quality contractors or employees. Here at ITStaff, we provide only the best quality assurance with all of the people we find for your projects. We do extensive background checks, skills checks, and much more!

you found THE SDLC Staffing Specialists!

Actually, luck has little or nothing to do with your finding us; unless of course you subscribe to the theory that you make your own luck. In which case we can state that “luck” had everything to do with it.

You found us because we are a highly competitive “make-it-happen” company filled with GREAT PEOPLE who are passionate about what they do. Really passionate. (Even weirdly passionate sometimes.)

But that’s what makes us great at what we do (SDLC staffing if you missed it on the way in). Maybe even the best at what we do as many of our clients claim.

In this highly constrained SDLC staffing resources environment we are frequently asked how we continue to sustain such extraordinary results for our clients. Our simple answer: Focus, passion, expertise, world class tools and extreme dedication to our craft.

Contact us today for high ROI SDLC staffing expertise. You’ll be glad you did.


Staffing News

  • Demand for Software Developers & Engineers up 73%

    In 2015 demand from employers seeking software developers and engineers for their software development initiatives has highly increased. This significant demand bubble created a severe supply-side bottleneck and is preventing companies across all verticals from being able to move their tech initiatives through the development pipeline. 1 in every 20 open job postings in the U.S. job market relates to […]

  • Increase in Difficulty Filling Mission-Critical Positions

    Manpower Group’s annual Talent Shortage Survey revealed that the number of global employers reporting challenges filling mission-critical positions in 2015 peaks at a seven-year high of 38%. The proportion of employers who say talent shortages impact their ability to serve client needs remains at the same level as 2014 (54%) reinforcing that not enough is […]

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