Passive IT Job Seekers

A passive job seeker is an individual who is currently employed, but would be open to taking advantage of a new opportunity with the right company. With unemployment in the IT sector low, making your business attractive to passive job seekers may be the key to finding the talent you require. If you want to attract these potential candidates, it is important to understand what they desire in regards to compensation and benefits.
Here are 10 benefits your company can offer to become more competitive in the IT marketplace.


While the idea that a candidate would prioritize health and medical benefits is not a surprise, companies that offer more than the traditional mechanisms differentiate themselves from their competitors. For example, offering health-tracking devices, or onsite fitness or medical facilities, will appeal to a large number of potential candidates.

Paid Time Off

Having access to paid vacation and sick leave allows an employee to take the time to recharge or recuperate on a regular basis – without feeling as though they are putting their finances or jobs at risk.

Retirement Offerings

While many large employers offer some form of retirement benefits, not all offer them at the same level. For example, a company that requires multiple years for an employee to become vested or has a low matching offering will be less attractive than those that may be offered by competitors.

Learning and Growth

Continuing education benefits are especially attractive to those looking to learn and grow within their field. Companies that support employees’ educational goals, whether through internal opportunities or traditional higher education options, will be highly competitive within the market place.

Salary and Bonuses

Regardless of the other benefits your company may offer, a competitive salary is a necessity. Instead of trying to outdo the competition, the focus should be on keeping the salary and bonuses in line with other companies, while adding benefits that go beyond salary.

Stocks and Company Equity

Having the opportunity to become a partial owner of the business in which they work can not only attract new candidates, it can also help them feel more connected to your business. When the success of the business ties to their personal financial success, you may see more motivated employees overall.

Alternative Worksites

Providing employees with the opportunities to work from alternate worksites, such as working remotely from home or from different business facilities than their home office can appeal to workers who would not otherwise have this opportunity available.

Flexible or Alternative Schedules

Along with alternate worksites, flexible or alternative scheduling is also desirable. Whether this allows an employee to adjust their daily schedules, work a compressed work week, or provide an option aside from a traditional nine-to-five, presenting potential employees with additional options can attract new talent.


If your business has more than one location, or is part of an industry that hosts conferences across the country, offering employees the chance to visit other cities or worksites can be enticing. This allows an employee to get a break from the day-to-day, while still contributing to the overall mission.


Having a commute reduction program can differentiate your business from competitors. Whether it is offering discounted public transit passes, carpool incentives or bike-to-work benefits, helping connect employees with cost-saving transportation options can provide value to a number of people.

Looking for Additional Options?

If you are looking for new ways to make your benefits package stand out from the crowd, the professionals at ITStaff are here to help. With over 20 years in the IT staffing industry, they understand what benefits can set your business apart. Contact the expert recruiters ITStaff today.

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