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Many managers claim their employees are their greatest asset.  However, they do not follow those words with actions.  Failure to recognize the efforts of those who work with you can hurt more than your retention rates, it can also hurt your business’s reputation.

If you are looking to retain your most valuable assets, and attract rising talent to your business, treating your employees, contractors, and consultants like you treat your customers can go a long way.


Businesses are regularly inclined to express appreciation to their customers with the understanding that, without customers, the business would cease to be.  That same attitude should be carried over to your employees, contractors, and consultants.  Not only does expressing your appreciation show that you understand the value they provide, it helps build loyalty within your workforce.


By regularly checking in with those who work for you, a manager gains an opportunity to understand more about how employees feel about their place within the business’s operations.  This can provide insight into how your best performers do what they do, as well as an opportunity to predict problems before they arise.


When your employees see that you are committed to them, they will be more committed to you.  Building trust and showing employees how their contributions impact the business in a positive way can help build confidence.

Additionally, offering your employees opportunities for development and progression shows you are willing to invest in them personally.  This can improve overall productivity as well as help develop new skills upon which the business can benefit.


At some point, your business may encounter a level of turmoil.  Employees who feel respected and supported are more likely to stick with your business even in times of trouble while those who feel undervalued and unappreciated are more likely to find opportunities elsewhere.  A mass exodus of key employees can make a difficult situation even more challenging, especially if the struggles are made public.


When it comes time for your business to expand, having knowledgeable and loyal employees can lead to the creation of ideal candidates from within.  Not only can this help make any transitions simpler, as the promoted employee is already familiar with standard business operations, it also demonstrates that the skills employees have developed are considered valuable to the success of the business.

Since many employees look to make certain advances at various points in their career, having the opportunity to progress naturally with a current employer can increase longevity.  This ensures that key personnel within your business not only keep their knowledge with the company, it gives them the opportunity to pass this knowledge to others within the organization.

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