What are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills of 2017?


Programming Languages

If you’ve decided to make 2017 the year you score a new job or land a promotion, then it helps to have the right IT skills to move your career forward. While most tech pros have something to offer, those with this the right skills are especially well positioned in today’s job market. So, if… Read more »

Is Your Company Ready for the Future?


Big Data Careers

Change in business is inevitable. But even though that fact is widely recognized, that doesn’t mean all companies are prepared for the future. New technologies are always in development, and existing solutions often see updates and revamps that fundamentally shift how certain activities are managed. Failing to stay apprised of upcoming trends means your organization… Read more »

What’s on a CIO’s Agenda for 2017?


CIO Agenda

Often, a CIO’s word is law. That means their agenda is always the guiding force behind new implementations, annual budgets and even project schedules. Understanding the nature of a CIO’s agenda can help provide strategic insight that allows you to adjust your plans accordingly, and may even present unique options for career progression. Transitions related… Read more »

Why You’re Losing IT Candidates at the Offer Stage and How to Fix It


  The hiring process is arduous at best, making it a relief once the time to make an offer arrives. But just because an offer is being made, there is no guarantee the candidate will accept. While not every part of the hiring process is under your control, it is disheartening to have qualified professionals… Read more »

Why ‘Boomerang’ Employees Should be in Your 2017 Recruiting Strategy


  It’s no secret that hiring IT professionals has become more challenging. With unemployment amongst tech-oriented workers sitting just below 3 percent, finding the talent you need is a difficult task. That means it is time to rethink the negative connotations of rehiring those who may have chosen to leave. Talented professionals will leave for… Read more »