Feedback From a Few of Our Clients

ITStaff has integrity, and it’s obvious that they care about building a long-term relationship with our organization. It’s apparent that it’s not just about making money to them.

Vice President, Ecommerce – Technology/Manufacturing Industry

I continue to go to ITStaff first when I have a new requirement, because I know I’ll get a candidate who’s been fully qualified, so I’m not wasting my time. I actually dread when I need to open up the requirement to other vendors, as I know I’ll be flooded with unqualified resumes as soon as I do.

Senior Manager, IT Portal Technologies

The ITStaff staffing team has been instrumental in helping me meet my large scale applications development projects, consistently outperforming other staffing companies in delivering high quality well-vetted developers and support staff, and in doing so have become my preferred vendor of choice.

Applications Development Mgr., Research/Technology

Other IT Staffing firms that I have worked with are pushy. ITStaff is unique because I never feel pressured to take a candidate who doesn’t feel like the right fit. ITStaff understands that I’m busy, and I don’t want my time to be wasted. In fact, I don’t even feel like I am being sold to when I’m working with ITStaff. It’s a true partnership…they understand business problems and solve them.

We had a very unique need to find an EDI expert that had both ABAP and C experience. We didn’t even know if that type of resource existed, because those skills together are extremely rare and ITStaff found us the right person. We were amazed.

Recently we put out requisitions to our entire pool of vendors because we were looking to fill multiple positions and roles. They were harder skills to find, and on top of that we’re pretty picky. ITStaff was truly more efficient and excelled within that even playing field. They filled most of the roles within 30 days, in most cases before any of the other vendors even responded to the requisition.

Senior Manager, IT – Technology/Manufacturing Industry

How do you do it? ITStaff has outperformed all of our other vendors combined. You’ve provided the lion’s share of the consultants on our mission-critical projects, and you’ve done so by providing the right resources, so we haven’t had to waste time and cycles interviewing multiple candidates to get to a resource with the skills we need.

Senior Manager, IT

ITStaff is very responsive, they know the business and industry, and I can always get a straight answer from them. I know that I could count on ITStaff to get me the resources I need. I’ve worked with others who had no clue on what to get me, or they got me a resource and they never come back or when they do, they have no clue what project their resources are working on….they just have no clue. ITStaff has a clue. They do it the right way, the first time.

Program Manager – Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry

I’ve worked with my account manager from ITStaff at two different companies now. The reason I contacted ITStaff after I moved is because I was familiar and comfortable with the way they conduct business, and because I know that I will get great resources for my projects. But that’s not the only reason. I also know that I will get help from a company who understands corporate culture, and a company who can and will work with their contractors to understand the ins and outs of working in a large corporate environment.

When I started here, our company already had agreements with other companies in place. I tried working with the established vendors to fill important positions for a critical project I was tasked with from senior management. Once it was clear that I wasn’t going to get what I needed on time, I called ITStaff. They were able to send me qualified resumes of fully screened individuals within a week or so. I think the fact that I reached out to ITStaff to fill important gaps on my project speaks for itself as to how I feel about them.

Director of IT

ITStaff understands the marketplace, and you don’t have to deal with miscommunication. We want people who can deliver, we don’t want any drama, we want people who aren’t cultural misfits, and ITStaff understands all that. When ITStaff says they are going to get something done, they basically under promise and over deliver. They work tirelessly and go that extra mile. ITStaff doesn’t pay lip service to service.

Manager – Technology Industry (Insurance)

Our company requires help from outside firms from time-to-time to fill crucial roles within our Information Technology department. These roles are typically senior positions that include business analysts/quality assurance analysts, business intelligence managers and developers. ITStaff has helped us fill these positions when these needs arise.

My experience with ITStaff has been positive. Their team takes the time to understand our requirements, and they present candidates who meet the needs of the requirements without having my team spend a lot of time reading and sorting through stacks of resumes.

– Scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest or “strongly agree”):

  • ITStaff is easy to work with: 10
  • ITStaff understands our requirements: 10
  • ITStaff provides candidates in a timely manner: 10
  • ITStaff provides quality candidates for our requirements: 10
  • ITStaff’s candidates who are hired prove to be a value to our team: 10
  • ITStaff provides good customer service: 10
  • Overall experience working with ITStaff: 10
  • Likeliness of recommending ITStaff to another colleague or to someone outside of our company: 10
Director, Business Intelligence , Niche Healthcare Company

You have delivered so many great candidates, my head is spinning!

Technology Client