Our company requires help from outside firms from time-to-time to fill crucial roles within our Information Technology department. These roles are typically senior positions that include business analysts/quality assurance analysts, business intelligence managers and developers. ITStaff has helped us fill these positions when these needs arise.

My experience with ITStaff has been positive. Their team takes the time to understand our requirements, and they present candidates who meet the needs of the requirements without having my team spend a lot of time reading and sorting through stacks of resumes.

– Scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest or “strongly agree”):

  • ITStaff is easy to work with: 10
  • ITStaff understands our requirements: 10
  • ITStaff provides candidates in a timely manner: 10
  • ITStaff provides quality candidates for our requirements: 10
  • ITStaff’s candidates who are hired prove to be a value to our team: 10
  • ITStaff provides good customer service: 10
  • Overall experience working with ITStaff: 10
  • Likeliness of recommending ITStaff to another colleague or to someone outside of our company: 10
Director, Business Intelligence , Niche Healthcare Company

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