As of May 2016, unemployment in the tech-industry hit 2.0 percent based on the newest date from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  With overall unemployment at 4.7 percent, finding qualified applicants within a shrinking pool of potential employees can be a challenge.

In order to meet immediate hiring needs, choosing to hire contract workers on a per-project basis may allow you to access the specific skills you need, as you need them, without the time commitment necessary to find qualified candidates from a pool that has almost run dry.

The Skills You Need, When You Need Them

There is a common misconception outside the information technology (IT) field that all IT skills are interchangeable, but those working in the field understand that a skilled database administrator may not have the experience necessary to properly secure your internal network.

By hiring IT professionals on a project-basis, you can focus on the precise skills required to complete the task at hand.  You can take advantage of temporary employees with highly developed skills in their area without having to worry about how those skills may transfer to other tasks over the long term.

Quality without the Commitment

IT professionals looking to work on a temporary or contract basis often have the same level of skills as those seeking long-term employment.  Some prefer the flexibility involved with contract work, while others appreciate the ability to use their skills on a variety of specialty projects.

Those who work through employment agencies are often subject to the same level of scrutiny as a business places on their own potential hires.  Candidates are screened based on their available skills and interviewed to determine their goals and desires.  Agencies often offer background checking and drug screening services to clients as part of the selection process.  It is only after these steps are complete that an agency will refer a candidate for you to consider, and there is no obligation to hire a particular candidate based on these referrals.

Overall Cost Savings

By hiring temporary employees through a staffing solution, you not only gain a qualified worker, but you alleviate yourself of the burden associated with processing a new employee.  Instead, you will receive a simple invoice that covers all of the costs without the concerns relating to offering benefits, unemployment insurance, or other offerings involved in bringing on additional employees.

Complete Hiring Flexibility

As the needs of your business change, you have the flexibility to bring in a new IT professional when the need arises, and you can release them once the project is complete.  From the beginning, the worker understands the nature of the position, so there are no challenges when the project is complete.  Even if the project isn’t complete, if the current temporary employee does not seem to be the right fit, you can request a new candidate to complete the contract.

Additionally, you may be able to offer the contract employee a permanent position if you feel they have long-term potential, or simply offer to extend the contract to cover a new project.

Contract Employees are Available Now

If you need a temporary employee, and you need them now, the IT Project Staffing Experts at ITStaff are here to help.  With over 20 years of information technology staffing experience, they understand the ever-changing IT field and are prepared to locate candidates that will meet your needs. See everything they have to offer by contacting ITStaff today!

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