The age of the millennial has officially arrived.  At this time, there are more millennials in the work force than any other generation.  With that shift in workplace dynamics comes a shift in what employees will desire from their employer.

In order to attract the best and brightest from the newest working generation, you need to know how to align your company’s objectives with those that millennials find most important.

Job Security Is Important, but So Is Job Satisfaction

Millennials are not necessarily looking to change jobs frequently.  In fact, they value job security as much, if not more, than previous generations.  The primary difference is that millennials prioritize finding a position they enjoy more highly than other generations.

Even if a millennial wishes to stay with one company, they will leave if they do not find satisfaction in their work.  In order to meet this need, make sure your millennial employees understand how their contributions apply to the greater mission of the business and help them feel connected to the brand.  Not only does this provide intrinsic benefits, but it gives millennials an opportunity to share what makes your business great.

Millennials also value opportunities to learn and grow.  Whether this means options to cross-train or the institution of a mentorship program, giving millennials an opportunity to build their knowledge can increase overall job satisfaction.

High Pay May Not Be a Priority

While most generations do not officially prioritize high pay over other job aspects, millennials can be enticed with benefits other than higher salaries.  This does not mean salary levels can be ignored.  It is important to remain competitive in regards to competitor offerings, while including additional perks designed to create the work-life balance millennials desire.

The ability to have a level of flexibility about when and how their work is completed can be a valuable incentive.  Whether this involves allowing nontraditional work hours or the ability to telecommute, providing the ability to function outside of the standard nine-to-five can differentiate your business from others in the sector.

Technology Is a Necessity

Technology has permeated the lives of millennials like no other generation.  Staying up-to-date on the latest industry advances can make your company more attractive to this digital generation.  Additionally, having policies that work with current technology, such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) options for receiving corporate email, can be seen as a valuable option.

Make sure your business has a presence within the digital arena.  If your company cannot be easily found by search engines, or does not have a social media presence, millennials may be inclined to seek out opportunities elsewhere.  To millennials, a lack of digital presence makes a company look out-of-date, or behind the times.

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