In-House Development Team

Technology has become increasingly important in every business sector.  Clients and customers have very specific expectations as to how they expect the virtual resources you provide to work and, if they find your solutions to be less than satisfactory, they can easily research other options.

While many businesses rely on external resources, such as off-the-shelf solutions or outsourcing the development to other businesses, failing to keep the development of critical technological assets in-house can result in missed opportunities to not just maintain your current customer-base, but to expand it to include clients who have not been able to find the tools and resources they would like from their current relationships with your competitors.

By making the development of applications an internal priority, not only can you ensure that you can create the ideal product for your clients, you can ensure that – as your clients’ needs change and evolve – so will the resources they rely on.  No longer will you have to make the way you work fit a solution that was not specifically designed for you.  Instead, you can create a solution that works precisely the way you need it.

Building Your Ideal Team

While the idea of building an in-house development team for any business operating outside of the technology industry may sound intimidating, the process can be quite simple.  Whether you are looking to perform all of the hiring yourself, or would like to acquire assistance from professional IT staffing firms, the easiest way to begin hiring is from the top.

By focusing on finding an ideal manager for the team, you can bring in an employee who understands the skills required to create the solutions you envision.  Look for candidates with specific, verifiable experience and education directed at the proper areas.  Once the head of the team has been secured, they can help determine what other niches are required and can assist in identifying the most qualified applicants.

Work with the Team

Since these application developers work for you, and not for a larger development company, their sole concern will be to create the ideal solution for your needs, as well as your clients.  You can make sure they have access to all of the industry-specific knowledge they require, and can even use feedback directly from your clients regarding future innovations they would like to see.

If your priorities change during the development cycle, the priorities of your development team can be shifted right along with them.  This allows the solution to grow organically with your business.  If the necessary changes require additional resources or time, you will be able to make the adjustments needed to ensure the project is completed in a fashion that works best for your objectives.

Seeing Results

By having the application developed based on your specific standards, not only can you increase overall productivity through streamlined process designed to work precisely how you want them to, you can improve your customer satisfaction ratings by integrating the features they find helpful.  By staying centered on your internal needs, you can focus more on product delivery instead of fighting to maintain customers who are not satisfied with an off-the-shelf solution.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attract more customers naturally, as your internal solutions provide you an advantage over the competition who still believes the old way of managing their development needs is the only way.

If you are interested in starting your next venture into the area of custom application solutions, ITStaff is here to help.  With over 20 years in the IT staffing industry, they know what it takes to find the developers you need in order to set your business apart.  Contact ITStaff today!

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