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The benefits of diversity in IT teams are well known, and that means many businesses need to adjust their recruiting techniques to attract the applicants they need to meet diversity goals. One area where many IT departments and organizations struggle is in the successful recruitment of women. And this means it is even more important to consider what your company can offer to entice women to apply to open IT positions.

Many companies default to adding specific benefits that cater to women in the workplace. Everything from providing free feminine products in the restrooms to adding fertility treatment coverage have been instituted in an attempt to bring more women to the interview table. But, even though these benefits are appreciated, these perks aren’t enough to keep women on staff.

So, what should your company offer to bring more women into your workplace? Offer the benefits they value most.

Paid Time Off

One key to a more effective work-life balance is sufficient paid time off, and it is the benefit women value over everything else. Often, women bear more of the burden of childrearing in dual income families. And this can restrict their ability to advance in the workplace.

Companies that offer sufficient paid time off help lessen the burden by lowering the penalty (and stigma) related to needing time off to manage family matters. By offering more generous paid time off options to women, or any employees, you can attract more top talent.

Competitive Salaries

The gender pay gap in IT is less apparent than in some other fields, but it does still exist. And companies that offer fair wages to their female employees are going to find it easier to recruit women. Men and women performing similar work and with comparable qualifications need to be paid in parallel. Otherwise, when discrepancies are discovered, you may find it harder to retain the female employees you currently have on staff as well as attract new talent to your organization.

A Gender-Neutral Culture

Technology has often been seen as a “boy’s club,” and some companies have allowed their culture to develop based on those original stereotypes. But failing to present a more gender-neutral environment means retaining women in the workplace will be more difficult.

Adjusting the culture of an IT business or department can take time, but the efforts are critical to making women feel more welcome in the workplace.

Equal Opportunities

Benefits or advantages should be available to everyone who is qualified, or should not be offered at all. Training and mentoring programs need to be based on merit alone. The same goes for promotions, salary increases, and leadership opportunities.

Failing to remove gender from these considerations will reinforce a culture that men and women working in the field are not equal in the eyes of leadership. By focusing solely on merit, everyone has a chance to advance their career or learn new skills solely based on their perceived capacity to do so.

Many of these adjustments can be made fairly quickly as long as leadership within your company is onboard. And this means your reputation as an ideal employer for women and men can begin to solidify.

If you are looking for more tips to help your business attract more female talent or are looking for your next superstar IT employee, ITStaff has the recruiting expertise to meet your hiring needs. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment professionals today and see what our experience can do for you.

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