Other IT Staffing firms that I have worked with are pushy. ITStaff is unique because I never feel pressured to take a candidate who doesn’t feel like the right fit. ITStaff understands that I’m busy, and I don’t want my time to be wasted. In fact, I don’t even feel like I am being sold to when I’m working with ITStaff. It’s a true partnership…they understand business problems and solve them.

We had a very unique need to find an EDI expert that had both ABAP and C experience. We didn’t even know if that type of resource existed, because those skills together are extremely rare and ITStaff found us the right person. We were amazed.

Recently we put out requisitions to our entire pool of vendors because we were looking to fill multiple positions and roles. They were harder skills to find, and on top of that we’re pretty picky. ITStaff was truly more efficient and excelled within that even playing field. They filled most of the roles within 30 days, in most cases before any of the other vendors even responded to the requisition.

Senior Manager, IT – Technology/Manufacturing Industry

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